This is Cameron’s Portfolio. He’s an independent Designer/Developer that helps bring experiences to life.

Currently available for new projects and opportunities.


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Intermission is a movie review site that's quirky, fun, and aimed at visitors fluent in internet. In addition to reviews, a list of top-rated movies shows the best of the best. And sometimes the worst.

No IDs

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Why the Cutlass so blue?


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A portmanteau of the words interview and lecture, Interlect is a curated feed of videos with the purpose of inciting inspiration from the individuals within in.

ìrìn àjò

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ìrìn àjò is an African travel & culture journal documenting not only destinations, but the journeys taken to reach them. Each city has a different story to tell and ìrìn àjò uncovers them.

Bessemer, AL

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The city of Bessemer, AL was in need of a revitalized web presence to match their growth. We created a site to highlight the city's people, heritage, and flavor. (as a member of Agency54)